That’s why Impatient is bringing together Design Sprints, the fast-paced, agile approach to product design and News-worth Creation.

We developed the Impatient Sprint™, a step-by-step system combining the Google Design Sprint and the News-Worth Creation process. We work closely with Taig Mac Carthy, the author of News-Worth Creation book and inventor of the News-Worth Canvas.

Let us help you make them remarkable and get on that front page.

And yes, that’s a dinosaur.

The Impatient Sprint ™

A a step-by-step system combining the design sprint and creation of front-page stories. Create a remarkable product from scratch in just a week. It’s all about getting that head start.

More about the impatient sprint


Do you have a good product that’s struggling to get sales? Make it remarkable and relaunch it with a laser focused media strategy.


Solve big product problems significantly faster, in teams. In short, the process condenses weeks or months of work down to just 4 days.


Want to learn the exact same approaches we use at Impatient? We can teach what works and give you applicable takeaways.

We only work in sprints

We work in sprints. No internal meetings. No sales calls. No long lunches.
For the sprint week we live and breath your challenge.

Impatient Sprint Week Stockhlom Sep 2019

Tinder for Trash!

For the second week of September, we teamed up with Perfectly Fine and Zero Waste Stockholm for a week of absolute fun!

We put together a team of strangers and took on a big challenge of rethinking how we deal with waste in Stockholm.

Result? Trashpass!

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